Top photo: one of the delivered systems.

Bottom photo: Josefin Starkhammar, developer, owner and founder of Norrfee Tech, in action in the Follo tunnel, Norway.


Impact Echo Q-factor

Tunneling industry needs non-destructive testing methods to evaluate the quality of the constuction - their final product. Our non-destructive testing equipment help our clients to evaluate the quality of the backfill material between the rock and the tunnel liners.

We have developed a state of the art non-destructive testing tool for the tunneling industry where tunnel lining segment's backfill levels are tested from the inside of the tunnel. This product reduces the need for drilling through the lining elements, speeds up the verification process and gives increased value for the tunnel building company's own clients.

In this project, we were contacted by the tunnel boaring company who's client requested our system to be used in the quality controll process. On site tests confirmed that a modified version of our original product would provide the requested quality information. We call the method the Impact Echo Q-factor method. It is completely non-destructive and gives both the client and contractor significantly increased control of the quality of the end product.

Close collaboration with the tunnel boaring company and their clients resulted in a fine tuned customized product for this specific tunnel. Both the tunnel boaring company and their clients now have their own measurement systems, tailormade for this particular high profile Norwegian tunneling project. The systems are used daily in their production.

Seismic approach to quality managment of HMA 

The goal of this collaborative project is to develop a seismic data acquisition system and associated software package capable of acquiring surface wave data in a non-destructive, non-contact, rolling and multichannel fashion. This enables swift and reliable measurements and visualizations of the seismic velocity of newly-constructed asphalt pavement layers for quality management purposes. The processed surface and three-dimensional, lane-wide measurements of seismic velocity will be georeferenced and mapped.

Norrfee Tech AB will develop the hardware and harware controlling software for this project as it is closely related to our previous and on-going parallell research project on rolling surface wave measurements of asphalt stifness related properties. We are in this project employed as sub contractor to Parc Seismic who will develop the software in this project. The end client is MnDOT (Minesota Department of Transportation). You will be able to follow the progress of this project and read more about it here.


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